The AdaraNewborn Model

By admin September 27, 2023


Adara made a bold Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2023 Meeting to halve newborn deaths and stillbirths in Uganda and beyond by scaling our AdaraNewborn model.
Together with the Ugandan Ministry of Health and other partners, we are expanding this evidence-based, high-impact model across 10 health facilities in Uganda over the next decade.
Read more about our CGI Commitment
Our commitment has come at a crucial time as newborn conditions are the leading cause of death across Africa. Most African nations, including Uganda, are off-track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal for newborn survival.
Hand in hand with our partners, we have pioneered a model for increasing survival rates for the sickest and smallest newborns to levels in some high-income countries – and we have sustained this work for more than two decades.
Through AdaraNewborn, we aim to reach 500,000 mothers and babies and save close to 7,000 lives by providing newborns and their mothers with support across the entire continuum of care. This includes from pregnancy, to delivery, inpatient newborn care, postnatal care and follow-up at home.
You can learn more about this model, which we have already rolled out to three Ugandan facilities, by watching this video: